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Healing Videos


In May 2020 it became apparent that we would not be able to go ahead with a planned fundraiser. We had Wade Fernandez/Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew Walks With The Black Wolf, an International Multi Award winning musician, from the Menominee Nation, continue with this fundraiser online. It was a huge success and everybody found it very beneficial. When I discovered he made music videos, I contacted him to see whether it was possible for somebody to tell him their life story and for him to create a piece of music, to heal particular difficulties within that life. He confirmed he could and so I set to work.

Having trained and worked with Community Music London over 32yrs ago I knew first hand the healing power of music. People began to tell their 'hidden stories' which included all forms of abuse, cancer, adoption, abandonment and various mental health issues. Wade had completed 2 stories/videos when others were unable to complete their stories. Hence there being only 2 here. I realised people were in need of Strength and Peace.

I needed to contact multi award winning Wildlife Photographer Laurie Campbell to ask if we could either buy or have permission to use one of his images. I first came across Laurie's amazing work in Scotland, when my love of Golden Eagles took me there. Laurie very kindly offered me use of many of his wonderful images to create music videos, one to bring Peace and one to bring Strength. His sensitivity to our natural world shines through his every photograph and will I'm sure, bring healing to many.

Laurie is valued as a photographic judge on the panel, of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in which he has previously won 23 awards.

I thought it would also be lovely to include images of Calderdale and perhaps a local musician, but I didn't know who to ask and access to people was extremely limited.

A friend, Brian Leecy, sent me a music video which when I looked and listened to it, I felt a huge sense of Hope. Initially I didn't realise it was Brian who had created it. When I asked him if I could use it for this purpose, his response was 'It would be an honour' Again his work speaks for itself. Brian works tirelessly for the Wildlife of Calderdale.

I first met Alan Denham, when I volunteered, with The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust and he Skippered 'Silurian' (their boat) while we sailed around The Outer Hebrides.

He managed to keep us all safe, through days of Gale Force 8 and made a childhood dream come true for me, when he let me drive 'Silurian' into Ullapool harbour. The sea and boats have long held me in their healing power. In a recent trip to Cornwall I took a few videos which revealed themselves as giving the viewer Courage and help in making Choices. I felt extremely fortunate to be taken out on Alan's boat 'Fair Exchange' where, once again, my childhood dream was fulfilled as he entrusted me to drive her. He has given me so much confidence I have enrolled on my first sailing course. Alan has aptly named this video 'The Healing Of Sailing'

Alan qualified as a Yachtmaster Ocean in 1996 and is an Offshore and Ocean Instructor. Alan specialises in teaching Celestial Navigation as well as freelance Skippering.

It is my hope that if you need healing you will be able to receive the care, love, joy and healing that creating these music videos has given to us, by listening and watching them.

These pieces are given here as a healing gift from The Hebden Therapy Centre C.I.C. to you, to enable you to receive relief from whatever pain you may be experiencing. We hope these pieces will either enable you to release your pain, or enable you to take the next step forward.

A huge thank-you to all who contributed to this project and who helped me bring this dream into reality. Wade for the healing power of your beautiful music and video making.

I must also mention David Adler whose beautiful piano playing features on the 'Strength' video.

A huge thank-you to Laurie for your dedication to Wildlife Photography and your extremely generous spirit.

A special thank-you to Alan who supported me through this process and lockdown (while I supported others) My friend Claire who 'listened' and gave sound feedback.

Loving thoughts go out to Viv Summers who began her story, having great faith in the healing power of this project and who decided to 'Fly With The Eagles Forever'

To all who were unable to finish your stories, the healing is here in these videos for you.

Thank-you to David Gifford for technical support and Iain and Gill for web design.