The Hebden Therapy Centre

Holistic Therapies in Hebden Bridge

Our Holistic Therapies consist of:

Holistic Reflexology (Subtle Energy)

There are areas on the feet that link to all the systems of the body, connect to all the organs and correspond to the anatomy of the subtle energy field. These areas are known as reflex points (sometimes called zones).

When these reflex points are massaged it begins a self-healing response, allowing you to return to health, wellbeing and balance.

The reflexology shouldn't hurt as we want you to be able to relax as much as possible. The therapist will feel your energy meeting their hands, through your feet and adjust the pressure accordingly.

Let go of stress and tension with holistic reflexology

The more you are able to relax the more stress and tension you will be able to 'let go' of.

A reflexology session can be either 60 minutess or 90 minutess long, depending on your needs and which therapist you see. Our senior therapist generally gives 90 minute sessions.

Treatments will be tailor made to suit you, so if you are unable to lay down for 45 minutes the session will be made shorter.

A pre-therapy consultation is given as part of the first Holistic Reflexology treatment.

Reflexology helps with many different ailments but is particularly beneficial to relieve stress and to restore sleep/eating patterns.

Treatments usually begin on a weekly basis with regular reviews to assess your needs and to create a tailor made healing programme for you.

Advanced Reflexology

Advanced Reflexology is where something called 'circuitry' is used. Part of this is where specific reflex points are touched for a specific amount of time. Or it may involve using crystals on the feet.

These treatments are specifically designed for optimum effect with particular needs and will be used at the therapists discretion.

Therapists have received training within these specialised areas:

Children, which includes:

These are all short treatments and will be carried out in our beautiful childrens therapy suite.


This includes all aspects, from conception, through pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy and birth puts a great strain on a womans body and energy field. They can both be helped enormously with Reflexology and any stress on both mother and baby during the birthing process can be greatly reduced.


When we lose a loved one, be it a person or an animal, the shock and loss we experience can be great. Shock sits in the energy field as 'frozen' energy and remains with us long after the event. These treatments can be used alongside carrying crystals specifically for shock, loss and grief. They release the 'frozen' energy while bringing a sense of comfort helping us through the grieving process.

Long Term Illness

These treatments help with the pain and energy loss experienced through any long term illness.

If you have difficulty laying down for long periods these shorter, specific treatments will be easier to receive.


Crystals are used in particular ways to bring various help ie Peace, Flow, to cleanse where abuse has been experienced.

Breathing and bronchial difficulties. Spiritual connection (for use only where somebody already has a maintained spiritual practice and it is appropriate).

Energy Field Alignment

Around our physical body we have subtle energy flowing which connects and nourishes our physical body. This is known as the energy field, electro magnetic field or aura. The energy field suffers tears, displacement and is diminished by many things including stress, alcohol, drug abuse, trauma, too much T.V. and too much computer work.

Energy field work brings healing, integration and alignment repairing the human energy field, which in turn strengthens the physical body, calms the emotional and mental energies and helps connect you to the strength of your intuitive, spiritual self.

Soul Recall

Soul Recall is an advanced form of therapy that clears stored memory without hypnosis.

It is safe and powerful, releasing patterns that have been previously unresponsive to other forms of therapy.

Particularly useful where patterns are repeated again and again such as abusive relationships.

Any lack of self worth, difficulties with relations or where something refuses to heal, soul recall brings understanding.

Any physical trauma that appears without physical reason can be released. Soul Recall is very useful where there is a cyclical element to the problem.

Soul Recall will not suit everybody and timing is of paramount importance, yet with careful preparation and consultation with the therapist soul recall can bring powerful and positive results.

A soul recall needs to be followed by a Reflexology the following week.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing accelerates the healing process, absorbing negative energy and making it easier for you to deal with some difficulties.

Crystal healing is powerful and needs to be used with experience, care and at the appropriate time, yet it has the power to enable us to face things we've been unable to face, to empower us to speak up for ourselves and to take those steps forward that we've been avoiding for so long.

It is usually given in a block of 6 weekly treatments which has reflexology inbetween each crystal healing.

Children's Therapy

These treatments are short and are tailor made to each individual child in consultation with parents/carers.

Reflexology treatments will usually last 30 minutes and will often include drawing. If your child is unable to receive reflexology we can work through their energy field.

Sound Healing

is when the therapist plays instruments either in the room and/or through the energy field. The vibrational energy of the sound effects change at a cellular level bringing change.

It is most useful where you feel 'stuck' when other therapies aren't working or where you have a particular affinity with sound.

Please see relevant therapists webpages or personal websites for a more detailed explanation of each therapy.