The Hebden Therapy Centre

The Hebden Therapy Centre C.I.C. – Teaching and Workshops

We hold various workshops throughout the year; please check our calendar for dates and times

Meditation Workshops

These workshops answer such questions as:

There are no difficult postures to learn or hold, no mantras to learn.

We sit on chairs and the meditations are guided usually to gentle music.

Your questions can be answered and experiences shared.

The Human Energy Field

When we talk about our 'personal space' we usually mean our energy field. The subtle energy that flows around and feeds the physical body.

During these teachings you will learn the anatomy of the human energy field, how it connects to the physical body, what disturbs or tears these subtle bands and how to heal them.

Heart Voice

These workshops are for people who would love to be able to use their voice but don't feel able to, or for people who think they can't sing but would like to try.

This is not about a finished result but about finding the subtlety and the power of our own voices within a safe setting.

Crystals for Beginners

Many people buy crystals not knowing what they should 'do' with them. Some are drawn to their beautiful colours or the sense of peace etc when they hold them but would at least like to know where to put them, how to carry them or what they do.

These workshops are for you.

Crystal Earthworks

These workshops are to learn why, how and when to plant crystals to bring about positive change.

You may wish to bring peace and healing to a site of disaster or abuse (whether now or centuries ago). To positise a site of neglect. To plant a town to help with drug and alcohol abuse.

There are many applications.

There are also workshops on learning how to bring about change at home, whether it's absorbing negative energy from your computer and food while enhancing their positivity for your health and wellbeing.